I never really tried to stand too far out of the crowd
Just sat back and watched while other always spoke aloud
The saying goes that the first to speak knows the least
So I tried to take a little from everyone piece by piece

I’ve seen insecurities covered up, but its never enough
It lingers like dirt on the inside of a used shirt cuff
From long time relationships to friends with benefits
You have to address it, before you see the end of it

There is always something there to be learned
Make sure you learn so the problem doesnt return
Things take time so your life lessons might be ajourned
Live life free of fear, negativity equals concern

I can’t show you, but trust me your better than that
You control ya destiny if you fed up with that
When its hard dont give up you a quitter for that
When you were on the verge of being a winner in fact

Though you feel broken your dreams are in tact
The biggest flights in life give you the biggest impacts
Chase ya dreams of success better yet happiness
And once the money comes live your life without stress

Keep working hard towards your dreams!
Keep it Pushing!


The Nice Guy!

Though not entirely true, the nice guy does finish last
Women prove this myth to be true through their pasts
Men compete and create group in which they are classed
And society stamps a seal on it like hard impact car crash

 Women are the motive to this problem cycle but they are not to blame
For we as men put the women on a pedestal like it is there to be claimed
It quickly becomes survival of the fittest, where the only the strong attain
Guys find their niche where they stand out like they were in a 3-D frame

 They get the attention, and therefore build the confidence in exchange
Now ‘his swag’ comes into play and the girls becomes easy to obtain
The nice guy falls behind the train, settles for less in order to sustain
A chance at romance, with the girl of his dreams creating his claim to fame

 Meanwhile the bad boy is having fun making the most out of his reign
Now knowing that his infatuation for something new has become mundane
Her company gets old, comfort levels rise, and you see that she starts to complain
You think she only slows you down, and so you leave her there in pain 

The nice guy thinks that it is his chance, but is nervous because of the terrain
Her heart is broken, so any company to treat her nice will ease her chest pains
He brings out the full works to impress, candlelight dinner and champagne
But what he doesn’t get it that she only considers him to be in the friend lane

This is the sad story of a nice guy, this happens over and over again
They just want a fair chance with that girl in reality, not for pretend
In order to provoke change, all parties involved must first comprehend
That truths cannot have bends, only then will all hearts not have to mend

 Thanks Guys!

Hope you liked it!

No Excuses No Regrets

The ups and downs of life make the world go round
A treasure of gold is never valued until it is found
Ignorance is bliss, what isn’t known isnt missed
A rainbow cannot come about without rain a little mist

The hardest thing is to be humble and put the ego aside
And just ride, explore freely without holding onto pride
Because it’s true the taller they stand the harder they fall
If anyone say you can’t, then for them you gotta do it all

You have to be your biggest fan, not your friends or fam
You can’t blame your dad because you never learned to be a man
I know it may not seem fair but it is all part of your plan
Now how you handle the flight and it will precede how you land

Will you land feet first, or will you stumble?
Will you hit the ground running or just crumble?
Will you fall behind and become one of the mumbles?
Or will you be ready to get ya blessing full bundle?

One thing to remember is your own accountability
You have to make decisions to create your own identity
What you learn to live with, and what else to strive for
Don’t ever think to give in, just try harder and rise more

 Stay Strong! Fight On!

Love you guys!

The Infatuation Game

I think I met the girl of my dreams as corny as it seems
I’ve had the hoes, the prude, and everything in between
Yet this one stands out, going place or rather en route
I have seen it all so I don’t know what I’m intrigued about

Yet I still chase, chasing the dream that she is the one
My single life isn’t done, but how long could it be fun?
So should I let her pass me by, and save a broken heart
Or regret and ask why I didn’t man up to play my part

Because even if there’s a chance, that chance for romance
The chance at real love  rather than an infatuation trans
But yet I do not appreciate it, not even the slightest bit
It hurt to see me make this mistake because I’m sick of it

But yet like a dog chasing its tail, the plan never fails
Sex comes into the equation, causing a level of separation
Separation between your sexdrive and emotional feelings
No cure for this other than sex providing sexual healing

But once the sex is through, your mental logic proves true
Now you are thinking straight with a new point of view
Its ironic because you have her heart since the battles won
Now that the games are done, you are back at square one

Shs now feels broken because her love for you was innocent
Now that you have all of her love you try to get rid of it
You don’t see the benefit and now she seems irrelevent
It’s sad because her best intentions were all that you ever meant

Just food for thought 🙂 Insight for girls and guys.

Love you all!

Decision = Destiny

I have always been blessed with the gift of words
My thoughts flows fluently then take flight like birds
They convey the feelings that I can’t fatham mentally
Life isn’t fair and it never tried to let me down gently

Pushing me to the brink, and yet i still overthink
Thinking I have the power to work out all the kinks
The kinks to society that allow wrongs to go unsaid
On light water I tread, to not be left behind for dead

Waiting for my moment to break out and be free
Saving the spotlight for me, without a college degree
Filling voids that were empty but acting disobediently
Who were they to say I was on the wrong path for me
The statistics dont apply to me and I never really liked math
I fought the tide from the storms, but now safe on my raft
Meaning my dreams came true and all you did was harass

So dont listen to haters, or let them break you down
Graduate to a higher level, with your own cap and gown
Soon become renouned, be limitless and heading world bound
Haters only hate cuz they missed their chance when it came around

Stay Positive!
Thanks again guys!

Moments of Reflections

This was written while reflecting in spare moments of time. Waiting to experience the memories of tomorrow.
Live for today and now 😀 Enjoy!

I am trying to figure the game of life out quick
I am noticing things take time; there is no quick fix
But then I get distracted when girls come into the mix
Investing unwisely looking for all the first round picks

But I wonder what are my true dreams in this time of life?
Why do i fabricate poems to portray my joy pain, and strife?
Why do i chase a new girl to have sex for only one night?
When deep down I’m really searching for a girl; maybe wife

Because which man reject the thought of a down ass chick
Someone to comfort you and someone to play grab ass with,
Men have friends and girls always over think it to be more
We stick around until the fun is over and seeing her a chore

Is it wrong to think this way or to actually do this
When girls are the ones who are the opportunists
When girls use seduction to say what the truth is
And assume based on a few facts only to look stupid
But back to me, and about me chasing my dreams
I wonder if I like the attention or am I more at ease
Do I fall back in the crowd because I have stage fright
Or is that just a crutch to why I try not to shine bright

By all means I am a star so am I holding myself back?
Whats going wrong do i need to change my plan of attack?
Do I test myself to reinforce the beliefs that have cracks?
Or I am testing myself to want to stay on the right track?

Food for thought guys.

Bella Is

This was a poem dedicated to a special friend.  Her name shall be Bella 🙂

I will always remember the girl who left me speechless
She looked like an angel and her heart had no weakness
She was pure like nothing i have ever seen in one girl
I was surprised to find out i was her biggest fan in the world

Cuz someone like her was bound to turn a guy’s heads
But nobody approached her nice smile and long legs
I know that they had to admire from a distance instead
Yet she wouldnt let anything i say get to her head

She was gorgeous and at the same time down to earth
Being so humble was what gave her a priceless worth
She seems like someone who has stood out since birth
I had to tell her everything, which for me was a first

I told her my thoughts and how perfect i thought she was
Looking into her clear green eyes made everything fuzz
I couldnt get passed their stare but i didnt need to
Cuz once i saw her blush it was like she became see through

Though she didnt say much, and i was still intrigued
She has my mind racing faster than at lightspeed
I smile at her message no matter what it might read
Its unfair how she has it all but shows no kind of greed

Its even more unfair that she is younger and far away
I have to wait for her though she walked into my life today
I hope i do not break her heart or lead her heart astray
I want my love for her to show true without having to say

Whos knows what the future will try to put us through
If i make it to the top, i hope you let me take you too
I know its a couple years from now and thats a long time
But youre one of a kind, and another you i wouldnt find

You have the ability to challenge me well mentally
And whatever may happen is what is meant to be
A girl like you only could have been sent to me
Youre like a one in a million or girl of the century

One thing is that i want to keep it honest all the time
Even if the truth is hard to swallow like a lemon lime
Because its friends first, so i have a partner in crime
Rather than losing you to greed to make you mine

I hope you understood my words within the poem
I hope my mind stops racing and gets to where its going
I hope you see that youre perfect and still growing
And most of all you brighten up my day without knowing

Let me know what you think!

Introduction Piece :)

This is the first post of many to come.  I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.


I am not sure exactly how this works because I am new at this

I am nervous that no one will know my poetry even exists

I know that once you read it you will love it – no hit or miss

I turn these words into poems so that you will receive the gift


The gift you receive will only be meant for you not to be used global

The messages may leave you stationary or proactive and mobile

However the words influence you, embrace the feelings that follow

These feelings will induce truth and reject fallacies you have swallowed


In search of the truth you look for, some pain and joy may come

Deal with them one by one, because it’s harder to handle the total sum

Address the pain though it may be hard, don’t let it turn you numb

Because then that feelings will keep hitting you like the head of a drum


Once the pain and joy is accepted you can moved on and evolve

With no weight holding you down your past can now be resolved

So you can focus on the present and almost manifest a better future

Just remember that you made the change, I am not the tutor


I am only the messenger here to point you in the direction of truth

The power you have within is like Clark Kent going into a phone booth

You are the real superman, when in control you are the one who can

Embrace the changes you and your body feel like you just got a new tan


So there is my stated case, why on the internet I deserve this space

I am here to make a change, and put smiles on every single face

Anything is possible but the changes need to be made at the base

You are your biggest competition, so there is no reason not to win the race.


That is the best way to deliver the message for your brain to retain

My poetry will spark thought in many minds to try and make a change

The topics of my poetry are spontaneous and are yet to be named

But they will teach you the rules so one day you can try to play the game.

Love you guys