Introduction Piece :)

This is the first post of many to come.  I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.


I am not sure exactly how this works because I am new at this

I am nervous that no one will know my poetry even exists

I know that once you read it you will love it – no hit or miss

I turn these words into poems so that you will receive the gift


The gift you receive will only be meant for you not to be used global

The messages may leave you stationary or proactive and mobile

However the words influence you, embrace the feelings that follow

These feelings will induce truth and reject fallacies you have swallowed


In search of the truth you look for, some pain and joy may come

Deal with them one by one, because it’s harder to handle the total sum

Address the pain though it may be hard, don’t let it turn you numb

Because then that feelings will keep hitting you like the head of a drum


Once the pain and joy is accepted you can moved on and evolve

With no weight holding you down your past can now be resolved

So you can focus on the present and almost manifest a better future

Just remember that you made the change, I am not the tutor


I am only the messenger here to point you in the direction of truth

The power you have within is like Clark Kent going into a phone booth

You are the real superman, when in control you are the one who can

Embrace the changes you and your body feel like you just got a new tan


So there is my stated case, why on the internet I deserve this space

I am here to make a change, and put smiles on every single face

Anything is possible but the changes need to be made at the base

You are your biggest competition, so there is no reason not to win the race.


That is the best way to deliver the message for your brain to retain

My poetry will spark thought in many minds to try and make a change

The topics of my poetry are spontaneous and are yet to be named

But they will teach you the rules so one day you can try to play the game.

Love you guys


3 thoughts on “Introduction Piece :)

  1. Truth runs deep … how deep? … Will we ever know?

    It seems so firm, yet it’s elusive … If your honest not in denial
    It’s pursuit is a pleasure although sometimes it feels like it’s a trial

    Try your hand at finding it … it is our life divine …
    When you believe you have found it … you will block it’s further shine.

    Truth is not the destination a place at which to stay
    rather it’s the process revealed along the way

    Please join on this life process … it is a genuine life mission
    if you think you have “The Truth” your life will be imprisoned

    So be open … be honest … accepting all as Him
    if we reject anyone or anything our vision will be dimmed

    Please keep the course … pursue the faith … accept the advice above
    The depth of truth we should all pursue is the path of light and love

    • Great man!
      the truth is the beginning of the path, very well said. 🙂
      I was reading your blogs, and we relate on some of the same spritual levels.
      You are very wise.
      Thanks again!

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