Bella Is

This was a poem dedicated to a special friend.  Her name shall be Bella 🙂

I will always remember the girl who left me speechless
She looked like an angel and her heart had no weakness
She was pure like nothing i have ever seen in one girl
I was surprised to find out i was her biggest fan in the world

Cuz someone like her was bound to turn a guy’s heads
But nobody approached her nice smile and long legs
I know that they had to admire from a distance instead
Yet she wouldnt let anything i say get to her head

She was gorgeous and at the same time down to earth
Being so humble was what gave her a priceless worth
She seems like someone who has stood out since birth
I had to tell her everything, which for me was a first

I told her my thoughts and how perfect i thought she was
Looking into her clear green eyes made everything fuzz
I couldnt get passed their stare but i didnt need to
Cuz once i saw her blush it was like she became see through

Though she didnt say much, and i was still intrigued
She has my mind racing faster than at lightspeed
I smile at her message no matter what it might read
Its unfair how she has it all but shows no kind of greed

Its even more unfair that she is younger and far away
I have to wait for her though she walked into my life today
I hope i do not break her heart or lead her heart astray
I want my love for her to show true without having to say

Whos knows what the future will try to put us through
If i make it to the top, i hope you let me take you too
I know its a couple years from now and thats a long time
But youre one of a kind, and another you i wouldnt find

You have the ability to challenge me well mentally
And whatever may happen is what is meant to be
A girl like you only could have been sent to me
Youre like a one in a million or girl of the century

One thing is that i want to keep it honest all the time
Even if the truth is hard to swallow like a lemon lime
Because its friends first, so i have a partner in crime
Rather than losing you to greed to make you mine

I hope you understood my words within the poem
I hope my mind stops racing and gets to where its going
I hope you see that youre perfect and still growing
And most of all you brighten up my day without knowing

Let me know what you think!


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