Decision = Destiny

I have always been blessed with the gift of words
My thoughts flows fluently then take flight like birds
They convey the feelings that I can’t fatham mentally
Life isn’t fair and it never tried to let me down gently

Pushing me to the brink, and yet i still overthink
Thinking I have the power to work out all the kinks
The kinks to society that allow wrongs to go unsaid
On light water I tread, to not be left behind for dead

Waiting for my moment to break out and be free
Saving the spotlight for me, without a college degree
Filling voids that were empty but acting disobediently
Who were they to say I was on the wrong path for me
The statistics dont apply to me and I never really liked math
I fought the tide from the storms, but now safe on my raft
Meaning my dreams came true and all you did was harass

So dont listen to haters, or let them break you down
Graduate to a higher level, with your own cap and gown
Soon become renouned, be limitless and heading world bound
Haters only hate cuz they missed their chance when it came around

Stay Positive!
Thanks again guys!


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