Moments of Reflections

This was written while reflecting in spare moments of time. Waiting to experience the memories of tomorrow.
Live for today and now 😀 Enjoy!

I am trying to figure the game of life out quick
I am noticing things take time; there is no quick fix
But then I get distracted when girls come into the mix
Investing unwisely looking for all the first round picks

But I wonder what are my true dreams in this time of life?
Why do i fabricate poems to portray my joy pain, and strife?
Why do i chase a new girl to have sex for only one night?
When deep down I’m really searching for a girl; maybe wife

Because which man reject the thought of a down ass chick
Someone to comfort you and someone to play grab ass with,
Men have friends and girls always over think it to be more
We stick around until the fun is over and seeing her a chore

Is it wrong to think this way or to actually do this
When girls are the ones who are the opportunists
When girls use seduction to say what the truth is
And assume based on a few facts only to look stupid
But back to me, and about me chasing my dreams
I wonder if I like the attention or am I more at ease
Do I fall back in the crowd because I have stage fright
Or is that just a crutch to why I try not to shine bright

By all means I am a star so am I holding myself back?
Whats going wrong do i need to change my plan of attack?
Do I test myself to reinforce the beliefs that have cracks?
Or I am testing myself to want to stay on the right track?

Food for thought guys.


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