The Infatuation Game

I think I met the girl of my dreams as corny as it seems
I’ve had the hoes, the prude, and everything in between
Yet this one stands out, going place or rather en route
I have seen it all so I don’t know what I’m intrigued about

Yet I still chase, chasing the dream that she is the one
My single life isn’t done, but how long could it be fun?
So should I let her pass me by, and save a broken heart
Or regret and ask why I didn’t man up to play my part

Because even if there’s a chance, that chance for romance
The chance at real love  rather than an infatuation trans
But yet I do not appreciate it, not even the slightest bit
It hurt to see me make this mistake because I’m sick of it

But yet like a dog chasing its tail, the plan never fails
Sex comes into the equation, causing a level of separation
Separation between your sexdrive and emotional feelings
No cure for this other than sex providing sexual healing

But once the sex is through, your mental logic proves true
Now you are thinking straight with a new point of view
Its ironic because you have her heart since the battles won
Now that the games are done, you are back at square one

Shs now feels broken because her love for you was innocent
Now that you have all of her love you try to get rid of it
You don’t see the benefit and now she seems irrelevent
It’s sad because her best intentions were all that you ever meant

Just food for thought 🙂 Insight for girls and guys.

Love you all!


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