No Excuses No Regrets

The ups and downs of life make the world go round
A treasure of gold is never valued until it is found
Ignorance is bliss, what isn’t known isnt missed
A rainbow cannot come about without rain a little mist

The hardest thing is to be humble and put the ego aside
And just ride, explore freely without holding onto pride
Because it’s true the taller they stand the harder they fall
If anyone say you can’t, then for them you gotta do it all

You have to be your biggest fan, not your friends or fam
You can’t blame your dad because you never learned to be a man
I know it may not seem fair but it is all part of your plan
Now how you handle the flight and it will precede how you land

Will you land feet first, or will you stumble?
Will you hit the ground running or just crumble?
Will you fall behind and become one of the mumbles?
Or will you be ready to get ya blessing full bundle?

One thing to remember is your own accountability
You have to make decisions to create your own identity
What you learn to live with, and what else to strive for
Don’t ever think to give in, just try harder and rise more

 Stay Strong! Fight On!

Love you guys!


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