The Nice Guy!

Though not entirely true, the nice guy does finish last
Women prove this myth to be true through their pasts
Men compete and create group in which they are classed
And society stamps a seal on it like hard impact car crash

 Women are the motive to this problem cycle but they are not to blame
For we as men put the women on a pedestal like it is there to be claimed
It quickly becomes survival of the fittest, where the only the strong attain
Guys find their niche where they stand out like they were in a 3-D frame

 They get the attention, and therefore build the confidence in exchange
Now ‘his swag’ comes into play and the girls becomes easy to obtain
The nice guy falls behind the train, settles for less in order to sustain
A chance at romance, with the girl of his dreams creating his claim to fame

 Meanwhile the bad boy is having fun making the most out of his reign
Now knowing that his infatuation for something new has become mundane
Her company gets old, comfort levels rise, and you see that she starts to complain
You think she only slows you down, and so you leave her there in pain 

The nice guy thinks that it is his chance, but is nervous because of the terrain
Her heart is broken, so any company to treat her nice will ease her chest pains
He brings out the full works to impress, candlelight dinner and champagne
But what he doesn’t get it that she only considers him to be in the friend lane

This is the sad story of a nice guy, this happens over and over again
They just want a fair chance with that girl in reality, not for pretend
In order to provoke change, all parties involved must first comprehend
That truths cannot have bends, only then will all hearts not have to mend

 Thanks Guys!

Hope you liked it!


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