I never really tried to stand too far out of the crowd
Just sat back and watched while other always spoke aloud
The saying goes that the first to speak knows the least
So I tried to take a little from everyone piece by piece

I’ve seen insecurities covered up, but its never enough
It lingers like dirt on the inside of a used shirt cuff
From long time relationships to friends with benefits
You have to address it, before you see the end of it

There is always something there to be learned
Make sure you learn so the problem doesnt return
Things take time so your life lessons might be ajourned
Live life free of fear, negativity equals concern

I can’t show you, but trust me your better than that
You control ya destiny if you fed up with that
When its hard dont give up you a quitter for that
When you were on the verge of being a winner in fact

Though you feel broken your dreams are in tact
The biggest flights in life give you the biggest impacts
Chase ya dreams of success better yet happiness
And once the money comes live your life without stress

Keep working hard towards your dreams!
Keep it Pushing!


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